Don't wait another day to connect daily with God.

3 months of daily scripture cards based on the Fruit of the Spirit.

What if you could start a regular devotional habit with 5 minutes a day?

Along with diet, exercise, and committing to actually read the books for book club, spending time in daily devotional seems almost unattainable for busy Christian Moms.  

Even though you know that committing to a daily spiritual practice is essential for a healthy relationship with God, many Christian Moms just don’t do it.  

But what if there was an easy way to create that habit?  

10 Scripture Cards for each fruit

Plus 10 cards for the main Fruit of the Spirit verses (Galatians). The cards are all original and beautiful enough to hang anywhere!

Prayer and Gratitude Journal

Each card has a place for a daily prayer and gratitude journal

Print, Cut Out and Go!

Just download the cards, cut them out (4 to a page) and easily bring them wherever you go.. work, car, kid's activities.

That's right! You get all 100 gorgeous scripture cards with built-in prayer journal and gratitude journal entries on the back... for just $5!

Just think-- 3 months from now you could have created a new habit of regular fellowship with God, with 5 minutes a day! 

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good (or good for now). Imagine what your relationship with God could be like if you started today?

Don't wait to spend time with God today!